NEW: The Music Barn

Discovery Memberships

Discovery Membership ($200+ Value - only $49 per person)


You can become a member of our NEW Discovery Membership Club. Reserve your spot for only $49

and get unparalleled access to "Discover the Undiscovered" with The Music Barn!


  • Discovery Membership Benefits:

    • Free Admission to any/all concerts in 2021, (both Spring and Fall seasons), in which there are tickets available (all members will receive an email approximately 48 hours prior to each event to notify them of availability)

      • All Discovery Members will be placed on a "stand by" list for each event. Tickets are not guaranteed for every event, however, this is still the most affordable way to experience new music all year with us!

      • Note: Complimentary tickets will become available to members only if there are seats available. Complimentary tickets may not be available for all events. All members will be emailed approximately 48 hours prior to each event with an update on availability, and a form to reserve complimentary tickets if available. Complimentary tickets will be offered on a first come/first served basis for all members based on ticket availability.

    • One Free Music Barn Tee Shirt

    • Single Ticket Discounts - Want to bring family or friends along to discover new music with you? Enjoy 25% off additional tickets (in addition to your complimentary ticket) to any/all concerts in 2021

    • Meet-and-Greet Opportunities with select performers in our 2021 season

    • Email exclusives throughout 2021 that are for your eyes only (who knows what fun we have in store just for you!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a Discovery Member?

  • Becoming a Discovery Member gives you the best value we offer!  You can have access to any Music Barn event with seats available in 2021!  With 10+ concerts "in the works" across two concert seasons, membership can offer nearly a $200 value per person for a fraction of the price.

Why is a Discovery Membership so affordable? Is there a catch?

  • We are able to keep Discovery Memberships affordable thanks to your flexibility.  Discovery Members will receive access to any events that have tickets remaining as the event approaches. This allows us to offer you an extremely valuable membership package for an affordable price. 


How do I get my tickets?

  • Two days prior to each scheduled concert, all Discovery Members will receive an email notifying them of ticket availability.  If there are tickets still available, members will be able to request complimentary access on a first come/first served basis.  After ticket request, members will receive an email confirmation with their complimentary tickets. 

What happens if an event is sold out?

  • In the event that a concert is sold out (or nearing full capacity), members may not be offered complimentary tickets to that concert at the sole discretion of The Music Barn.  With a Discovery Membership, you will essentially have "stand by" tickets to each event. However, with so many exciting events coming to The Music Barn in 2021 - Discovery Memberships remain by far the best value to discover new music with us!  It is our promise to you that even in the event that you are not offered a ticket to a particular concert, there will be many others that you are offered tickets to that you will enjoy just as much (if not more)!

How do I make the most of a Discovery Membership?

  • Be on the lookout in your inbox after purchase. We will send you regular emails with information about your membership. Discovery Members will be the first to know about new events, will receive exclusive discounts and offerings, gain access to member-exclusive events (such as backstage artist meet-and-greet sessions), and more.  

Is a Discovery Membership really worth it?

  • Yes! Discovery Memberships provide up to $200 in value per person for a small fraction of the price.  Memberships are without exception the best deal to enjoy live music all year long at The Music Barn; all while gaining access to member-exclusive perks such as artist meet and greet opportunities!

When will I get my tee shirt?

  • All Discovery Members will receive a complimentary Music Barn tee shirt for pickup at any Music Barn event in 2021. Our team will have a list of all members so you can go to the Music Barn Merchandise table to pick out a complementary tee shirt of your choice!

How is a Discovery Membership different than season tickets?

  • Discovery Members get even more access to special events, meet-and-greet opportunities, free tee shirts, and more - all for a more affordable price!  Discovery Members also get complimentary tickets to any Music Barn show with seating available (at the discretion of The Music Barn).  However, if you want secure, guaranteed seats to each event, our season passes are still the safest way to go. Season tickets will become available as we approach the upcoming concert season, and offer guaranteed seating at any events purchased.  A Discovery Membership provides access to each event ONLY if there is seating available two days prior to the event, and The Music Barn reserves the right to limit access/not open up seating to members. While it is a risk to reserve a membership, it is certainly a risk worth taking if you are looking to get the most "bang for your buck" as many of our shows will have space for you!

Have further questions on how a Discovery Membership can work for you?

  • Email us at with any questions!  Discovery Memberships provide an excellent value to discover new music, but may not be the best fit for everyone (particularly those who have their heart set on access to a particular event).  Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you plan for the best way for you to join us this coming season at The Music Barn!