The Music Barn
Discovery Memberships - 2022

Discovery Membership ($250+ Value - only $59 per person)

Discovery Membership: $59.99

You can become a member of our NEW Discovery Membership Club. Reserve your spot for only $59

and get unparalleled access to "Discover the Undiscovered" with The Music Barn!


  • Discovery Membership Benefits:

    • Free Admission to any/all concerts in 2022

      • Your name will be on the guest list at the door at EVERY event at The Music Barn in 2022*. You don't need to do anything besides show up.​

    • Free "Songwriter Session" Tickets

      • Prior to Music Barn Main Stage concerts in 2022 there will be a one-hour Songwriter Session on our new small stage. Local artists performing original music in a new intimate setting. Get access to all Songwriter Sessions with your Discovery Membership - even if the event is sold out!​

    • Single Ticket Discounts - Want to bring family or friends along to discover new music with you? Enjoy 25% off additional tickets (in addition to your complimentary ticket) to any/all concerts.

*Access excludes events with the New Jersey Chamber Orchestra and all off-site events. Access to all events hosted by The Music Barn at 275 NJ-77, Mullica Hill, NJ is included. Events hosted by other organizations (4H Fair Association, Rutgers University, etc.) at 275 NJ-77 are not included in this package as these organizations are not associated with The Music Barn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a Discovery Member?

  • Becoming a Discovery Member gives you the best value we offer!  You can have access to any Music Barn event with seats available in 2022!  With 10+ concerts "in the works" across two concert seasons, membership can offer over a $250 value per person for a fraction of the price.


How do I get my tickets?

  • Show up to the concert. Seriously, that is it! You will be on the "guest list" at the ticket booth at all outdoor music barn events in 2022.

What happens if an event is sold out?

  • In the event that a concert is sold out, don't panic. You will STILL be on the guest list at the door. As a Discovery Member, you will have tickets to all of our best events - even if no one else can get tickets. 

Is a Discovery Membership really worth it?

  • Yes! Discovery Memberships provide up to $250 in value per person for a small fraction of the price.  Memberships are without exception the best deal to enjoy live music all year long at The Music Barn.

Have further questions on how a Discovery Membership can work for you?

  • Email us at with any questions!  Discovery Memberships provide an excellent value to discover new music. Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you plan for the best way for you to join us this coming season at The Music Barn!