Fundraising at

The Music Barn:

The Music Barn takes great pride in supporting local non-profits, charities,

and other organizations. 


Now, we want to support YOU... your sports teams, bands, mission groups, etc.  

How can you fundraise with The Music Barn?

Easy!  Email us at to inquire about fundraising opportunities. 

Our typical fundraiser design provides your group with a code that is unique to your fundraiser to enable us to track sales.  You then post your code to Facebook, hang it around town, hand out flyers, etc.  The more people you get your unique code to, the more money you make!


Whenever your unique fundraising code is entered upon checkout, you will receive $4.00 of each ticket sold. At the conclusion of your fundraising period, we will write you a check for the amount you earned!


Fundraising codes are applicable to any single event tickets.  They are not applicable to ticket packages, merchandise, or in combination with a promo or discount code.