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Kicking Sunrise

Kicking Sunrise at
The Music Barn:
October 11th

Formed in 2013, Kicking Sunrise began their career after posting a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” on YouTube. The video garnered more than 30,000 views within the first month, and ultimately led to the forming of the band.

Comprised of Joe Murphy (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ryan Hornibrook (bass, vocals), Mark Altamuro (drums), and Matt Bosco (lead guitar), Kicking Sunrise released their first single, “Here’s to the Sunrise”, in 2015. The song caught the attention of CBS3 Philadelphia, quickly leading to the group becoming their “house band”, and the station adopting the song as the theme song for their morning show, “CBS3 Mornings”. The band spent the next two years working on building themselves as artists, songwriters, and performers, playing shows that were a mix of both cover and original music, up and down the east coast.

The band released their latest EP, “When It’s Right”, in the winter of 2018. Since its release, Kicking Sunrise has played several all-original shows in the NJ/PA/NY area, including a stint opening up for multi-platinum recording artist, O-Town, as well as an invitation to perform at the famous Whiskey Jam in Nashville, TN.

Their latest single, “Right One, Wrong Time”, is currently available on all streaming platforms.

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