"Discover the Undiscovered!"

Updated: Apr 1

If you have been following The Music Barn for a while, it is likely you have heard us use the phrase "Discover the Undiscovered!". Even if you are new to the family, you have probably seen this used. However, you may be wondering, what does it mean?

"Discover the Undiscovered!" is much more than just a slogan or marketing phrase; it is words that we live by in our business. When we are designing events for you to enjoy and planning our concert seasons, this is the most important thing we keep in mind. We want to not only have great concerts and family-friendly events, we want to create an atmosphere of support and discovery.

When you see concerts advertised at The Music Barn, in many cases you may not know the artist performing, and that is a great thing! We strive to find artists that are phenomenal, and unknown. We want you to say "Where did they find him/her!?". We take pride in you coming up to us at the end of the concert and saying, "I didn't know them before tonight, but now they have a lifelong fan!"

The Music Barn is here to introduce South Jersey to the best: the best food, the best up-and-coming artists, and the best place to spend a Friday night.

Music Barn artists are unknown artists we believe are primed for a long and successful musical career. Our artists are future stars! All they need is for you to discover them!

If you do not know an artist that is performing at The Music Barn, don't be intimidated by that... it is an opportunity to discover someone new. It is your chance to see a future star in concert in your own backyard. Most importantly,

it is your chance to "Discover the Undiscovered!"

To "Discover the Undiscovered!" with us this concert season,

purchase your tickets today!


"The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun." - Christopher McCandless


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