Jordan - 7 Years Old, $4,632 Raised, 540 Gifts Given

Our motto of "Discover the Undiscovered!" is our very own promise to the community. We bring the best up-and-coming musicians from around the country right here to South Jersey. We donate to local charities, fundraise with local organizations, and offer local musicians a platform for exposure. We ultimately want to help you "Discover the Undiscovered!" in your community, whether that be live music, delicious food, or the kindness of others.

Since the Music Barn is here for the community, we wanted to share this special holiday message. Naturally, when we heard about a wonderful seven-year-old named Jordan, we knew that he was doing a very special holiday act of kindness. Quite honestly, we were very touched by everything we learned. Jordan and his family started an annual hot cocoa stand to raise money for charity. This is their third year doing so, and this year alone, they raised an astonishing $4,632. With this money, Jordan and his family were able to purchase 540 gifts for children in need!

Jordan and his family raise money each year and purchase hundreds of gifts to donate to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Toys for Tots. Jordan is the type of child that gives us hope for the future and truly helps us realize our community is a wonderful place full of amazing people.

Jordan, you are already doing amazing things, and you make South Jersey proud! Never give up. You and your family are a ray of sunshine in our world, and your efforts to give children who are in need of a very happy holiday does not go unnoticed.

How about that for some heartwarming holiday spirit? In a world full of racism, hunger, poverty, etc. we can all do a bit more to make our world a better place. Jordan is an inspiration to all of us, and a reminder to pay it forward this holiday season.

Interested in reading more about Jordan? Click here to read about this wonderful act of kindness.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

- The Music Barn

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