Local Musicians are Important Too!

Picture this. You get your child a new drum set for Christmas. Your child gets a few friends together and asks to play in your garage. They "rehearse" their "music" in your garage for what feels like forever, and you want to drown out the sound anyway you can, as fast as you can.

You know what though, a lot of great things do start in the garage.

Amazon, Apple, Google, Disney. They all started in a garage.

How about bands? Nirvana, The Ramones, The Who, Buddy Holly, Weezer, etc... They all started in a garage.

What am I getting at? The point is, if you polish a talent and it is adequately supported, it can excel. Musicians start by playing in a garage. Then, they start playing for family and friends, get their debut at a local bar, etc. Every successful musician has performed in front of 10-20 people at a local bar or venue.

How does a band get from 10 of their closest friends to 80,000 of their closest friends? With a lot of luck, of course, but mostly hard work, dedication, perseverance, and an outpouring of support. There are many incredible musicians right in your backyard that are dying for a chance to prove exactly that to you; all they need is support.

Local musicians may not always be as exciting to see as a superstar; they don't draw the same way, but we can assure you they are just as fun!

Local musicians provide you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of their journey. You get to hear new music before the rest of the world. You get to know the "next big thing" before everyone else even knows they exist. You get to meet them and get autographs that could potentially cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future. Who doesn't want to be a trendsetter? You get to discover the best new music right in your backyard and support them on their way to greatness.

Local musicians do matter. All they need is support, and they too could be the next Amazon, Disney, or Nirvana. They can be the next diamond that started in a garage, and you can be there with them on their journey. Don't miss out on that chance.

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