Meet Local Entrepreneur Jacob Heil, Bringing Live Music to Mullica Hill

To those of you that may not be familiar with us, The Music Barn is Gloucester County's premier outdoor music venue, featuring "undiscovered" talent from around the country. We strive to bring South Jersey the best up-and-coming performers in a variety of genres in a friendly, fun, and safe outdoor environment. In order to give you some more insight on The Music Barn, how it came to be, and a bit about the team behind it, we interviewed Jacob Heil, the Owner of The Music Barn. Read below to get a sneak peek at the inner workings of The Music Barn.

Question: What was your inspiration for The Music Barn?

Answer: I have always been involved in music, ever since I was a little kid. I began learning the violin in third grade, and later switched to the viola. Music has always been a HUGE part of my life and I wanted to share that with others. To me, the best way to share a love of music is through live music. There is no other experience that is quite the same to enjoying a live concert with friends/family. It was this ability to connect people through music that pushed me. Owning a live music venue was on my bucket list for a while, and I am thrilled to bring it to life with The Music Barn in what has really been developing into a premier venue for the local community.

Question: How did The Music Barn start? What were the "first days" like?

Answer: I started the planning/development of The Music Barn while I was actually still a student at Rowan University in their Music Industry program. At that time, I was balancing being a full-time student, starting a business, and working another job. Particularly as we were first starting up, our budget was really minimal - the help of family and friends, and late nights of my own were what was able to get it off the ground. However, the adrenaline of creating something new kept it all going. The Music Barn came to be after exploring a variety of pre-existing "venues" around South Jersey. We were looking for a place we could really make our home, a place where we could develop something unique and exciting. Through this search we ended up at the Gloucester County 4H Fairgrounds and have been very fortunate to truly make this the home of The Music Barn over the past three years.

Question: The slogan or mantra of The Music Barn is to "Discover the Undiscovered!". What does this mean to The Music Barn today? What is the thought behind it?

Answer: From the beginning, I placed a strong emphasis on featuring developing talent. Talent that is absolutely phenomenal, but rather "undiscovered" in terms of representation, radio airplay, etc. We have had artists that toured the country opening up for names such as Rascal Flatts and the All-American Rejects. We have had artists that have been featured on The Voice and Sirius XM radio as well as local radio stations. However, while our artists are truly "top of the line", the common thread between them is that they have not yet had their "big break". There are thousands of performers around the country like this - more so than most people will ever realize. The talent of "undiscovered" people is often equal to that of the world's most renowned performers. We bring this incredible talent right here to South Jersey and encourage our audience to "Discover the Undiscovered!" at The Music Barn. I expect that many audience members are not familiar with our artists, and that is exactly what we are going for. We want people to come to The Music Barn because they know they will have a great show, regardless of who is performing.

Question: What makes The Music Barn a great place to visit?

Answer: The Music Barn is really a top-notch concert venue in terms of both the artists performing and the execution of the show and atmosphere. However, it is unique in that we host our concerts in a large open-air pavilion. We have food trucks at each event, lawn games, a beer garden, and hours of live music. It really makes events feel like much more than "just" a concert - they are really more like an event or a party. Friends and families come and have a great time enjoying all that we have to offer, and they love hearing new music as well.

Question: What is next for The Music Barn? Any future plans you can let us in on?

Answer: Great question! We have a full season planned this spring with some really exciting artists, classical music, and some more shows to be announced soon. Right now we are finalizing the details for some additional concerts this summer, as well as another full season of concerts this fall. I can't say any specifics yet, but I think everyone that has attended and grown to love The Music Barn will really be happy with what is to come. We are a rapidly growing venue and we continue to offer more shows each year. I think this is just the beginning. There is a lot of growth to come over the next few years, and quite a few exciting artists in the works.

Anyone interested in checking out The Music Barn this spring can go to to purchase tickets for any of our upcoming concerts.

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