Spotify Has Taken Over the Music World, and that is a Great Thing!

Spotify gives roughly 40 million users worldwide access to millions of songs in their catalog for free. CDs are irrelevant, and why wouldn't they be? You can now stream nearly any song you want to hear for free (or a small monthly fee) and connect them to your car, home stereo, or even just say, "Hey Alexa!"

Spotify and other music streaming services were long considered a danger to the music industry because of their unlimited song choices for free. Previously you would have to go to the record store or nearest Walmart to buy the CD. Then there was iTunes, where you paid at least 99 cents for a song you wanted to hear. Those days are long gone. Music is free, and that is a reality that many artists and record labels have struggled to comprehend.

Spotify and its streaming cousins were created after Napster turned the entire music industry on its head in the early 2000s. Napster made piracy rates skyrocket and allowed people to download music for free. Napster changed the game and made music free to the public. Now the public expects music to be free; thus, Spotify was born. Spotify and music streaming pay artists a small fee every single time their songs are streamed on their services. Spotify can pay these fees from advertisement sales and low-cost monthly subscriptions.

Why does all this matter? If you are a musician, it matters A LOT!

The music industry was initially wary of Spotify, as it had every reason to be. Spotify was making music free and legal for everyone and throwing album sales away. While Spotify does pay artists (although it is a small fraction of what they would get from selling CDs), this is not the beauty of Spotify. Spotify allows artists to break out and gain a loyal following without the big dollar support of a record label. This is where Spotify turned the industry on its head.

Every musician should have their music on Spotify and other streaming platforms simply because it makes sense. Musicians get free publicity and advertising, incredible exposure, and access to a potential 40 million new fans.

Spotify has become a social hub for artists and frequently breaks new artists into the music scene. Get your music on a popular playlist, and that song can turn into a hit seemingly overnight.

New Music Friday: 3.4 Million Followers

RapCaviar: 12.1 Million Followers

New Boots: 660 Thousand Followers

The New Alt: 870 Thousand Followers

These are just a few of the countless playlists explicitly designed to expose new artists. These playlists are always updated with the latest music, many times including new artists that are unknown on the large scale.

These playlists listed above can give a song hundreds of thousands of listens in a week or two and can get new fans to click on your profile to see all your other music as well.

The point is, Spotify is such an incredible platform for new artists to gain exposure. Here at The Music Barn, we believe in Spotify so much that this is exactly how we discovered several artists that performed at The Music Barn this concert season. We need to keep ahead of the new music curve and bring the best up-and-coming artists to The Music Barn for you to “Discover the Undiscovered!” Spotify helps us identify talent that we want to perform on our stage because we listen to countless hours of new music and developing artists.

Marielle Kraft, Matt Santry, and Matt Spitko were all found by The Music Barn on Spotify first before doing other "scouting" of talent on each artist. We use it. You better believe others use it for the same purposes as well.

If you are an artist and don't have your music on Spotify, run (don't walk) to your computer and upload it now.

If you aren't a new artist (which most of you are not), go onto Spotify, listen to a new artist, discover something new, and listen to your favorite artists as well! A great place to start is by looking at The Music Barn's new Spotify account to see our playlists of artists and by keeping up to date on every playlist we create and share. We are here to help you "Discover the Undiscovered" both under our roof at The Music Barn and from the comfort of your bed on Spotify.

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