Skylar Springer

Marielle Kraft at The Music Barn: August 9th

Skylar Springer is 19 years old and has been singing since she could remember. Music has always been the biggest part of her life. She started learning piano at the age of 6 and had classical training for 8 years. Today she continue to play the piano whether it is music today or her original music. At 12 years old she was in a competition troupe for 3 years and won many awards as a group and solo. After 3 years she realized it was not for her. At 15 Skylar wrote her first song, Till I Lose You. Once she started writing more she began her musical journey and has played in venues such as, The Stone Pony, House of Independents, The Saint and many more! She also would take private lessons and lessons with bands at Lakehouse Music Academy during this time. Now having her first year of college ended, Skylar wants to continue to write her own music and learn how to produce it herself. 

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